Paraíso do Tocantins / TO, Brazil
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Health and Sports
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Renewable Biomass
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It all started in 2008 when the factory owner, Mr Ezequiel, noticed that young girls from the community were interested in playing football professionally.

In partnership with a local team, Paraíso Sport Club, the company sponsored and organized a professional women’s football team, giving them the chance to play sports.

The condition for participating in the team is that athletes must have a good record at educational institutions. Andressa Santos, one of the team’s strikers, says “football gave me the stability to carry on my studies. I got the motivation to go to university and change my whole life, all through sport”.

Seeing the success the women’s football team – which today participates in a number of championships, including the Copa Brasil – Mr Ezequiel founded their own “Cerâmica Milenium Sports Club” exclusively for factory employees.

Project Description

Milenium is a family company which produces bricks and tiles in the interior of Tocantins state. The Ceramic factory employs around 90 people to produce a million pieces per month.30,000 m³/year of firewood used to be harvested from the surrounding biome to fuel the factory’s ovens. With the goal of reducing its environmental impact and modernize its technology, Milenium implemented a carbon project in 2007.In this way, the factory stopped using native wood and began to supply its production with renewable biomass. Today, the company uses sawdust, rice husks and elephant grass to produce its pieces.Besides reducing GHGs, the project enables investment in improving work conditions and generating benefits for the community, based on the extra income from sales of carbon credits.

Where does your money go?

When buying carbon credits of this project you are supporting , sponsoring , financing and making possible the reduction of greenhouse gases and various initiatives in the social scope , environmental and economic as the following:

Social benefits

  • Social inclusion: Creating job opportunities for women and disabled people.
  • Social Responsibility: Financial resources and building material donated to local institutions and community members.
  • Workers' wellbeing: Weekly sessions with psychologists for employees, also available to family members.

Environmental benefits

  • Reforestation: Planting 500 thousand eucalyptus seeds.
  • Sustainability initiatives: Collecting rainwater and reusing residues from the production process.
  • Environmental awareness: Holding an environmental event in the Presbyterian School in Paraíso do Tocantins city.

Economic benefits

  • Technological advances: Semi automation of the production process.
  • Refurbishment of facilities: Construction of bathrooms, installation of ventilation and gratings to improve wellbeing and safety conditions for the workers.
  • Infrastructure investment: Construction of a lecture hall to hold courses and training for the workers.
Amount of CO2e 233710
Number of Beneficiaries 272
Forest Hectares Protected 3032

Testimonials about this project

(Português do Brasil) Andressa dos Santos
(Português do Brasil) Atacante do Paraíso Esporte Clube

(Português do Brasil) Me deu muita estabilidade poder continuar com meus estudos. Hoje eu faço faculdade, e veio através do esporte o incentivo para eu ter mudado tudo em minha vida.