Minas Gerais, Brazil
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Education and Culture
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Renewable Biomass
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Maracá factory undertakes educational initiatives in Ituiutaba schools. The Energia Inteligente project, in partnership with Cemig electrical distributor, aims to raise awareness regarding use of electricity and water, and rubbish disposal.

In order to put theory into practice, the factory organized a competition for students with a view to creating attitude change.

The children who achieved the greatest reductions in energy consumption in their homes were awarded prizes, as well as the teams with the best performances.

According to factory employee Valciene, “The goal is to make children realise that individual attitudes make the difference and, when added together, they have an even greater impact”.

The initiative includes some employees’ children, who are given training and act as project agents at home and in their schools.

Project Description

Since 1986, the Maracá red ceramic factory has been contributing to the growth of Ituiutaba municipality. The factory supplies the local civil construction market with various types of bricks and tiles. In order to produce its ceramics,Maracá factory used to extract 1,400m3/month of native firewood from the Cerrado biome to fuel its kilns. As of 2008, the owner opted for more sustainable production methods and invested in fuel switching equipment.Since then, the kilns have been fuelled with renewable biomass, which permits the reduction of GHG emissions and the generation of carbon credits.Using the income from carbon credits, the factory put sustainability initiatives into practice, which improve working conditions and benefit the surrounding community.

Project Information

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PIN 2018
PIN 2018

Where does your money go?

When buying carbon credits of this project you are supporting , sponsoring , financing and making possible the reduction of greenhouse gases and various initiatives in the social scope , environmental and economic as the following:

Social benefits

  • Workers’ wellbeing: Work gymnastics and medical assistance promoted in the factory.
  • Social responsibility: Financial contributions made to local institutions.
  • Sports encouraged: Sports pitch rented to the local community.
  • Community involvement: Dental hygiene kits and school material sponsored for the Ituiutaba municipal school.

Environmental benefits

  • Environmental education: Sponsorship of community events aiming to raise environmental awareness in educational institutions.
  • Environmental management initiatives: Monitoring of atmospheric emissions and rainwater gathered for use in the production process
  • Environmental initiatives publicized: publications in local newspapers and magazines.

Economic benefits

  • Technological improvements: Installation of digital firing control. and re-use of heat from ovens in driers for ceramic pieces.
  • Products Quality: Investment in product quality analyses in laboratories.
  • Creation of new jobs: Sustainability analyst contracted.
  • Creation of new demand for local biomass providers.
Amount of CO2e 123720
Number of Beneficiaries 196
Forest Hectares Protected 1428