Caruaru / PE, Brazil
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Caruaru / PE, Brazil
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Kitambar works in partnership with the Agreste Region’s Childen’s Cancer Institute (ICIA), which provides medical treatment for children with cancer. According to the hospital’s Executive Director, Sra. Suarez, “Kitambar is a marvelous partner, if only in terms of relieving the worries relating to constructing buildings, they are already a huge help”. Besides this initiative, the factory built a rehab center for drug users in the neighboring community.

“Since the very beginning, Kitambar has been with us. All the housing, the whole constructed area was built by them”, says Sr. Wagner, the center’s representative. The factory Owner, Sr. Barbosa, concludes, “this work affected us deeply. These are people with no financial wherewithal, carrying out a project of such great importance”.

Project Description

Kitambar is a small producer of ceramic bricks and tiles located in the countryside of Caruaru (PE), in the northeast of Brazil. The factory historically used native timber from the Caatinga, an endangered and unique Brazilian ecosystem, as fuel to produce its ceramics. However, in 2007, the factory opted for a more sustainable production process and to reduce its environmental impact. Abandoning the use of native wood, Kitambar invested in equipment to feed its kilns with renewable biomass, such as cashew tree residues and coconut husks.

The switch significantly reduces atmospheric GHG emissions while allowing the generation of carbon credits. Furthermore, since implementing the project, the factory has invested in improving the workplace and supporting social projects that benefit the surrounding community.

Where does your money go?

When buying carbon credits of this project you are supporting , sponsoring , financing and making possible the reduction of greenhouse gases and various initiatives in the social scope , environmental and economic as the following:

Social benefits

  • Encouraging local culture: Located in the capital of Forró (a typical Brazilian dance), the factory uses music as a creative means to spread the word about their environmental initiatives
  • Job Opportunity: project developed with Pernambuco’s Federal Institute(IFPE) to hire interns for security area.
  • 50 families benefited with tiles donation

Environmental benefits

  • The factory monitors its atmospheric emissions annually to minimize potentially harmful particles emissions.
  • Four different types of biomass are used: cashew tree residues, coconut husks, wood waste and algaroba wood.
  • “I protect the Armadillo”: Protection and conservation programs to three-banded armadillo, a Brazilian native specie.

Economic benefits

  • Introducing new technology: Installation of digital temperature controls and new methods to reuse the heat from the kilns in the drying process.
  • Investment in product quality analysis using regional laboratories.
  • New clients for the company, thanks to environmental project’s propagation.
Amount of CO2e 416200
Number of Beneficiaries 412
Forest Hectares Protected 1553

Testimonials about this project

Severino Francisco
Administrative Manager

We carry out a lot of lectures and training, there is also the survey with the employees through questionnaires, it is good because on paper they are not shy to express themselves. Besides, because of the carbon project the factory was all computerized, which also enabled better working conditions. We have much more control over the all the processes.