Ituiutaba / MG, Brazil
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Renewable Biomass
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The project aims to plant 65,000 Atlantic Rainforest trees in the municipality riparian forests. For this purpose, the factory built a tree-nursery (with an annual productive capacity of 8,000 seedlings per year) to produce Atlantic Rainforest tree species.

The factory hired a consultant from the Forestry Institute of the State to help with the tree-nursery. Until the moment, 1,300 seedlings have already been planted in two degraded hectares of a sugarcane farm called “Fazenda Córrego das Canoas” and around 300 seedlings were distributed to the local community .

Along with that, the company developed an educational project with three local schools. The factory created a character called “Telhadinho” (Little Roof Man) which illustrates a booklet about the importance of the environment.

Also, Ituiutaba hired a theater company to visit the schools and introduce the project to the students. Booklets and seedlings were distributed to 1,100 students to show them the importance of the environment and these students cultivated the seeds for a month until its transformation into a seedling.

During all the project activities, ten students from a local university (Universidade Estadual de Minas Gerais) provided assistance.

Project Description

Ituiutaba is a red ceramic factory located in the State of Minas Gerais. Up until 2008, the factory used native firewood taken for the Cerrado biome as fuel for its kilns. The factory used to use 20,000 m3 of native firewood per year to produce 15,000 tons of ceramic items such as bricks and tiles.With a view to reducing their environmental impact, Ituiutaba factory began a carbon project consisting of replacing non-renewable fuel (native firewood), for renewable biomasses, such as sawdust and wood chips.This initiative reduces atmospheric carbon emissions as well as acting to benefit the local community and improve work conditions for employees.

Project Information

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Where does your money go?

When buying carbon credits of this project you are supporting , sponsoring , financing and making possible the reduction of greenhouse gases and various initiatives in the social scope , environmental and economic as the following:

Social benefits

  • Social inclusion: Women and disabled people hired.
  • Environmental Education: Creation of comic strip and character to promote environmental awareness in the community.
  • Promoting professional qualifications: Partnership with local universities.

Environmental benefits

  • Environment: A Greenhouse was built, where trees of the Tecoma genus and other native trees are being cultivated for recovery of degraded areas.
  • Air quality: Monitoring of atmospheric emissions every six months.
  • Winner of the Sebrae MG prize for Sustainable Practices 2011.

Economic benefits

  • Investment in quality certification of products by the Centro Cerâmico do Brasil (Brazilian Ceramics Centre).
  • Access to new market opportunities for the ceramic products.
  • Improved infrastructure: New bathrooms built, protective grating installed on equipment, factory floor paved, and press automated.
Amount of CO2e 164750
Number of Beneficiaries 414
Forest Hectares Protected 1456