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Renewable Biomass
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GE Teobaldo ceramic factory invests in its workers every day. In 2012, the company began running the Youth and Adult Education program in collaboration with the local industrial civil services (SESI).

The program promotes basic quality education for workers , with the possibility of including family and community members.

One employee, Divaldo, said “they carried out research to find out how many people wanted to study, and I was one of them. It is an opportunity which the company offers to all of us”. According to Manager, Ana Carla, “certain employees no longer need to sign their payslips with a finger, they now proudly do so with their pens” .

Furthermore the owner, Mr Juca, is constructing 15 houses for employees in order to promote social equality.

Project Description

GE Teobaldo is a small company located in Paudalho municipality, Pernambuco State, producing flagstones and bricks which supply the local civil construction market.In order to reach the necessary temperatures to fire the ceramic pieces, the factory used to collect 5,600 m³/year of firewood from the surrounding Caatinga biome.GE Teobaldo implemented the present carbon credit project with the goals of reducing its environmental impact and modernizing technology.This enabled the factory to invest in equipment enabling the switch of native firewood for renewable biomass in 2009, thus reducing GHG emissions and generating carbon credits. Furthermore, the factory reinvests the income into beneficial activities for its 60 employees and the wider community.

Where does your money go?

When buying carbon credits of this project you are supporting , sponsoring , financing and making possible the reduction of greenhouse gases and various initiatives in the social scope , environmental and economic as the following:

Social benefits

  • Social inclusion: Hiring women.
  • Social responsibility: Donations of funds and building material to local institutions and community members.
  • Commitment to employees: Additional employee benefits.
  • Workers’ Education.

Environmental benefits

  •  Reforestation: Acquisition of a deforested area for a 60 hectare eucalyptus plantation, which will be used as a source of biomass in the future.
  • Environmental Education: Lectures raising environmental awareness held and fruit trees distributed to the workers.

Economic benefits

  • Investment in employees: Partnership with SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service) to provide courses and training for workers.
  • Growth prospects: New kiln built and acquisition of new equipment to increase production.
  • Investment in infrastructure: Patio paved and refectory built.
Amount of CO2e 55030
Number of Beneficiaries 108
Forest Hectares Protected 264