Panorama/SP, Brazil
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Renewable Biomass
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In partnership with the municipal government of Panorama, the five factories regularly meet to carry out the city cleaning mob action.

The factories make equipment and employees available to collect rubbish from public spaces and homes in the municipality.

According to Mrs Vitta, owner of the Nascente factory, “This service is very important to our city, primarily in relation to dengue fever. After we started carrying out these actions, the number of dengue cases in Panorama reduced significantly”.

Additionally, educational pamphlets were sponsored by the ceramic factories and distributed to schools and residences in the communities.

* This project comprises of the following ceramics: Lucevans, Panorama, Nascente and Sol Nascente.

Project Description

This project includes five ceramic factories located in the municipality of Panorama, in inland SP State.The factories previously used native firewood from the Cerrado biome as fuel to produce ceramic pieces.To reduce the environmental impact caused by the factories' activity, in 2006 the factories took the decision to produce in a more sustainable manner.To this end, they decided to stop using native firewood and invest in equipment allowing the kilns to be fuelled with renewable biomass.Furthermore, the income from carbon credit sales is reinvested into modernization measures within the factory, and beneficial projects in the surrounding community.

Where does your money go?

When buying carbon credits of this project you are supporting , sponsoring , financing and making possible the reduction of greenhouse gases and various initiatives in the social scope , environmental and economic as the following:

Social benefits

  • Social Responsibility: Financial donations and construction material to local community members and institutions.
  • Social inclusion: Women hired by the company.
  • Participation in community activities: Public cleaning carried out in the municipality.

Environmental benefits

  • Waste management: Re-use of waste products in production.
  • 100% of the fuel used in the kilns is renewable biomass.
  • Control and recovery program for areas used for clay extraction.

Economic benefits

  • Modernization: Renovation of machinery and facilities.
  • Market growth: New clients interested in sustaianble production.
  • New markets opened for local biomass suppliers.
Amount of CO2e 367860
Number of Beneficiaries 269
Forest Hectares Protected 4966