Paudalho / PE, Brazil
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Employee Well-Being
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Renewable Biomass
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The workers can now take care of their mouth health at the workplace. The Ceramic, together with SESI, offers a personalized service to employees.

Every year, a mobile unit equipped with a dental office, visit the Ceramic and supply educational lectures about oral hygiene e teeth treatment to the employees and their families.

As Rosangela, Human Resources manager, says: “The workers really like the initiative, because many of them can’t pay for the treatment. Also is very positive for the Ceramic, because we can see a bigger motivation coming from them.”

Project Description

The Bom Jesus factory produces two million bricks per month for the Brazilian construction market. In the city of Paudalho (PE), where the factory is located, booming economic development came at the expense of environmental degradation.Today, the region is a nationally recognized as an industrial pole for Ceramic factories. In order to become a more innovative company, the owner of the factory, Mr. Eugenio Mario, replaced the non-renewable fuel with renewable biomass, such as glycerin, sugar cane husks and waste from other local agribusiness.The more sustainable choice to reduce GHGs has allowed the factory to take part in the international carbon market. The sale of the carbon credits has made investment in local socioeconomic and environmental initiatives possible.

Where does your money go?

When buying carbon credits of this project you are supporting , sponsoring , financing and making possible the reduction of greenhouse gases and various initiatives in the social scope , environmental and economic as the following:

Social benefits

  • Encouraging education: Literacy program in the factory - Basic education lessons provided to the employees every day.
  • Community support: Donation of water truck service, watering the streets and reducing dust.
  • Wellbeing: Work gymnastics for the employees and sports encouraged in partnership with the Industry Social Services.
  • Living Culture: Donation of half a tonne of fish made to the needy community of Paudalho during Semana Santa religious celebrations.

Environmental benefits

  • Environmental Education: Lectures organized in syndicates and information material distributed.
  • Environmental responsibility: Containers installed for waste separation in surrounding community.
  • Winners of the sustainability prize sponsored by FIEPE (Federation of Pernambuco State Factories): Use of rainwater in the production of red ceramics.

Economic benefits

  • Technological modernization: Greater efficiency in the production process.
  • Growth expectations: New kiln constructed.
  • Investment in quality certification for products.
  • Integrated Management System (Environmental, Quality and Occupational Health) installed.
Amount of CO2e 103700
Number of Beneficiaries 281
Forest Hectares Protected 498