Data Protection Policy  

Data Protection Policy  

  1. Object  

Sustainable Carbon is committed to respecting the privacy of its customers, business  partners, online platform and website users. In this sense, Sustainable Carbon has  developed this Data Protection Policy aligned with the General Data Protection Law (Law  No. 13.709, of August 14, 2018) which aims to transparently regulate the processing of  personal data such as data collecting, processing, storing and disposing.  

  1. Data Controller  

Sustainable Carbon Projetos Ambientais Ltda. will be the data controller about the  relationships established with you and will be responsible for the processing of personal  data obtained both in the browsing environment (cookies and registration to receive our  newsletter) and through contracting with Sustainable Carbon.  

  1. Definitions  

Controller: the person who determines the purposes and means of the processing of  personal data.  

Cookies: small files sent by Sustainable Carbon to the user’s computer to track  movements at the website, such as tracking visits to website pages. Cookies do not store  personal information, except when sending information by the user on the registration  pages, and they do not collect information registered on the user’s computer.  

Erasure/Destruction: deletion of personal data, individually or together, that was stored  by Sustainable Carbon.  

Purpose: legitimate and specific purpose for processing personal data, which occur with  the knowledge of the data subject.  

Registration Information: information related to the identified or identifiable natural  person or legal entity. They may include, for example, name, address/headquarters,  CPF/CNPJ, e-mail and telephone number, not including sensitive data (religion, ethnicity,  political opinion, etc).  

Laws and Regulation: means the applicable law with regard to personal data protection.  In this case, it is the Brazilian legislation, in particular the General Data Protection Law  (Law 13.709/2018).  

  1. Processed Data  

Internet browsing: without you adding data to the registration fields, you will only have  the traffic of cookies aiming at optimizing navigation and tracking activities within the 

website, such as visits to pages and site ads, which the user acknowledges when starting  the navigation on the website.  

Newsletter registration: in this case, only the information transmitted by you (e-mail)  will be stored for the purpose of sending news by Sustainable Carbon.  

Service Agreement: Depending on the contracting, there will be the storage of  registration information (Name, Corporate Name, CPF/CNPJ, address, head office,  among others) and information relevant to the purpose of the agreement’s object. Data  may be collected directly from the data subject or by a person authorized by him  

  1. Data Processing  

Sustainable Carbon will be able to process the personal data in case of contracting of  services/products that involve activities such as: (i) elaboration and revision of the  contract; (ii) project design; (iii) third party audits; (iv) sending institutional  communications; (v) obtaining mandatory documents; (vi) intermediation of  communication between government agencies on issues related to clients; (vii)  monitoring project bids; (viii) training and meetings.  

Data will be stored on cloud hosting services that meet legal security parameters for data  protection.  

Data transfer outside Brazil will occur when there are third party audits that are located  outside the country, only for data from contracts with the company, and Sustainable  Carbon, in addition to keeping the data subject aware, will adopt all measures necessary  for a safe transfer and within the standards required by law.  

  1. Data Sharing  

Sustainable Carbon, under any circumstances, does not sell, rent or share data that is  provided to the company through registration on the website or hiring.  Data sharing may occur in cases of service agreement, with business partners that are  involved with the execution of the agreement. However, the data subject will be aware of  the sharing and the third party must have the same degree of data protection or greater  than that exercised by Sustainable Carbon.  

By virtue of a court decision or force of law, Sustainable Carbon may be compelled to  disclose data, which will be shared within the limit of the court decision.  

  1. Information and Data Erasure 

Algined with the commitment to data protection and complying with legal requirements,  in any event, a user who has registered on the web, or customers and partners who have  shared information with Sustainable Carbon, may request details of the storage and  erasure of data contacting us by e-mail:  

  1. Changes to the Data Protection Policy 

Sustainable Carbon may update this Policy at any time, which will be made available on  this same link.  



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