Standards and Certification


All of our projects are developed by applying globally recognized standards to ensure activities performance and quality.

Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Launched in 2006 and formerly known as the Voluntary Carbon Standard, the VCS is the market leading carbon accounting standard for the voluntary carbon market. Based on ISO Principles, the Standard ensures that emissions reductions are additional, singular and verified.

SOCIALCARBON® Standard Launched in 2008, SOCIALCARBON® is a best practice Standard developed by the Instituto Ecológica in Brazil and it is classified by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance as a “Best Practice Cobenefit Standard”. SOCIALCARBON® is evaluation and monitoring cobenefit standard, and it is aplied in conjunction with a carbon-accounting standard.

Gold Standard Gold Standard Launched in 2006, the Gold Standard is used in both voluntary and CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects; however it is only applicable to renewable energy and energy efficiency project types. The standard’s main purpose is to ensure that projects are both reducing emissions and fostering sustainable development.


All our projects are certified by third party guaranteeing the quality and credibility of our projects.

Auditing  Our projects are validated and verified by UN-accredited, independent organizations (Designated Operational Entities), including Certativo, TÜV Rheinland, among others.

Transparency with Market Registries Sustainable Carbon uses market leading, third party registries to carry out carbon credit transactions, ensuring transparency and credibility. Carbon credits from our projects are listed on the Markit™ Environmental registry.