How to buy Carbon Credits?

Carbon credits

Carbon credit is an alternative to the unavoidable emissions generated by individuals and businesses, as it guarantees their neutralization reliably and transparently.

Sustainable Carbon offers emission offsetting through Premium Carbon Credits, originated from more than 40 socio-environmental projects. Our projects not only offset emissions, but also finance initiatives that promote sustainable development in the region.

Premium Carbon Credits can be used to offset:

  • Own emissions
  • Corporate emissions
  • Events emissions

How to offset my emissions?

To offset own emissions and events, please access WebCO2 and follow the steps!

For corporate emissions, you need to calculate how much CO2 is to be offset. The Emissions Inventory is a tool that quantifies how much your company or your event is emitting, according to limits you determine yourself!

The next and final step is choosing which project to use for the offsetting. Sustainable Carbon has a diversified portfolio of projects, so you can choose the one that contributes to the socio-environmental issues most relevant to your social responsibility strategy! Click here to check our list of projects and learn more about how your money will be invested.

Fill out the form below to understand how to offset your corporate emissions. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you prefer, contact us by calling 11 26490036.