Everything you need to know about COP26

(Português do Brasil) COP reúne centenas de líderes mundiais e milhares de representantes de organizações interessadas na área ambiental. Entenda o que deve ocorrer nesta edição.

Climate change among top concerns of leading CEOs

New data from Global Data firm released suggests that climate change has become prominent topic in the most powerful executive boardrooms. The research shows that climate change is now one of the most frequently mentioned themes among the world’s leading CEOs on Twitter.  Its CEO Influencer platform, which captures the Twitter discussions of over 300… Read more »

Barcelona’s car-free ‘superblocks’ could save hundreds of lives

Barcelona could save hundreds of lives and cut air pollution by a quarter if it fully implements its radical superblocks scheme to reduce traffic.  A study carried out by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health calculates that the city could prevent 667 premature deaths every year if it created all 503 superblocks envisaged in its… Read more »

Switch fossil fuel subsidies to renewables to trigger clean energy revolution

Switching fossil fuel subsidies to support renewables could unleash a clean energy revolution and propel the decarbonisation of the global economy, according to a new report from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). Despite G20 nations pledging every year since 2009 to phase out unnecessary fossil fuel subsidies, they continue to far outstrip equivalent support for… Read more »

England region plans world-first for climate change teaching

North of Tyne, in England, plans to become the first place in the world to have a UN-accredited climate change teacher in every state primary and secondary school. According to the mayor, Jamie Driscoll every school in the area would have the opportunity to train a member of staff to give lessons on global heating and… Read more »

Global warming is the biggest in 2000 years

The current global warming surpasses, in velocity and extension, any climate event registered in the last 2000 years. In an article published on Nature magazine, researchers confirm that not even the “Small Ice Age” – a significant global cooling between 1300 and 1850 – compares to what is happening right now.   According to the study,… Read more »

World exceeds 1,5ºC with future infrastructure

In recent studies, Dan Tang, from California University in Irvine, projects that the existing infrastructure, if the present operation is maintained, will emit 648 billion tCO2. Furthermore, the emission of future construction and planned infrastructure will be of 188 billion tCO2. In other words, a total of 846 billions tCO2 is already planned to hit… Read more »

London to have climate similar to Barcelona by 2050

London will have, in three decades, a similar climate to that of Barcelona today, while Madrid will feel like present-day Marrakech, and Stockholm like Budapest, according to a reasearch about the impact of climate change. Besides the high temperatures, the change would be accompanied by severe drought.  Cities closer to the temperate and cold zones… Read more »

To contain global warming, our planet needs 1,2 trillion of new trees

The best way to contain the global warming, besides preserving the existing forests, is to plant trees. According to a publication from Science magazine, the massive reforesting in underutilized areas is the best way to get to the limit established at the UN’s IPCC. At last years report, the goal was to limit global average temperature increase… Read more »

A Drier Future Sets the Stage for More Wildfires

Droughts creates ideal conditions to wildfires. The lack of rain and low humidity dries out trees and plants, providing fuel.  Under those conditions, lightining, electrical failures, human error can make even the planned fires get out of control quickly.  Global climate change is predicted to change precipitation and evaporation patterns  all over the world, leading to… Read more »

What causes heat waves in Europe?

Summer is at its peak in Europe: temperatures reached 38,6ºC at Coschen, near the border with Poland. In Germany, the asphalt from a road in the center of the country melted, leading authorities to reduce the speed limits. France suspended classes because the thermometers  hitted over 40ºC in some regions at the South.  According to the… Read more »

The future depends on the young

This is one of the phrases that may come to mind when it comes to climate activism in the UK. In at least 60 cities in the UK in February, more than 10,000 young people left their classrooms in protest. On the street, the members of Generation Z, left nothing less than clear their frustration… Read more »

Students organize global strike against Climate Change

  Wisdom does not necessarily come with age. Today, March 15, 2019, signs of a new, emerging, politicized generation have never been so clear. Thousands of children and teenagers have skipped class this Friday, but it’s not for the reason you’re thinking. There are strikes happening in more than 100 countries, organized by young people…. Read more »

2018 was the fourth warmest year in History since the 1880´s

At least it didn´t finish first. 2018 was the fourth warmest year in Earth’s history. This is  according to a study by NASA that looked at the average temperature of the planet’s surface since 1880. The global temperature of 2018 was 0.83 degrees Celsius warmer than the average global temperature from 1951 to 1980. The… Read more »