York to ban cars from city centre

Private cars are to be banned from York’s medieval city centre by 2023, under plans approved by councillors.
The City of York Council wants an end to “non-essential” car journeys within the city walls. The authority, which is run by the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, wants to make the city carbon neutral by 2030 – 20 years ahead of the UK government’s net zero target.
It said those who rely on cars, such as disabled residents, would be exempt.

York is not the first UK city to consider some form of ban on cars – Bristol recently approved plans to bar diesel cars from entering parts of the city centre. Reducing the number of cars in the city centre would mean faster and more reliable public transport from the suburbs and villages and would make cycling safer, says Labour councillor Johnny Crawshaw.

The council’s executive member for transport will be required to develop a plan, subject to consultation, to implement the scheme.