World exceeds 1,5ºC with future infrastructure

In recent studies, Dan Tang, from California University in Irvine, projects that the existing infrastructure, if the present operation is maintained, will emit 648 billion tCO2. Furthermore, the emission of future construction and planned infrastructure will be of 188 billion tCO2. In other words, a total of 846 billions tCO2 is already planned to hit the Earth. 

This is the effect of compromised emissions, or lock in. It corresponds to the carbon that will be inevitably emitted on the lifetime of an equipment or structure, like a thermoelectric plant or a car. 

Just for you to have an ideia, the limit estimated by the scientists, in order to have 66% chances to restrict warming on 1,5ºC is 580 billion tCO2, which is equivalent to about ten years on current pace. 

Steve Davies, coauthor of the study, says that if we want to reach the 1,5ºC, the fossil-fuelled power stations and present industrial equipment need to retire earlier, or equipped with carbon capture and offset systems.