To contain global warming, our planet needs 1,2 trillion of new trees

The best way to contain the global warming, besides preserving the existing forests, is to plant trees. According to a publication from Science magazine, the massive reforesting in underutilized areas is the best way to get to the limit established at the UN’s IPCC. At last years report, the goal was to limit global average temperature increase to less than 1,5ºC until 2050.  

If everything is done, the carbon rate could fall 25%, getting back to XX century’s rate. 

According to UN, there are approximately 5,5 billion hectares of forest in the planet. In terms of low human activity areas, that could become forests, the organization projects a total of 1,8 billion ha, where 1,2 trillion trees could be planted.  

The geographer and ecologist Jean-François Bastin calculates that it would take 18 years for the reforesting to break the global warming effects.