Sustainable fashion

Reuse to save money and resources. More and more people are striving for conscious consumption to reduce waste and its damage to the planet. The sustainable fashion movement gained momentum with the glaring data from the textile industry. In Brazil alone, it is estimated that about 175,000 tons of textile waste are disposed of annually. Of these, only 20% are reused or recycled, as most end up in landfills, taking centuries to decompose, or get burned. All these factors have put sustainability in fashion on the agenda.

And it’s not just in Brazil: the global numbers are also shocking. Every second, a garbage truck full of leftover fabric is dumped in landfills or burned, according to the British foundation Ellen MacArthur. In addition to representing the emission of 1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases per year, it also means wasted $ 500 billion. With an eye on the environmental, economic and increasingly activist positioning of consumers, brands and entrepreneurs are seeking solutions to renew the market, betting on sustainable fashion.

It may seem short-term, but the benefits of adhering to conscious fashion will only be realized in the future. Raising consumer awareness will produce higher water, air quality and reduced amount of waste produced.