Sustainable Carbon at the Diversity Dinner from AHK

Sustainable Carbon’s CEO, Stefano Merlin, was invited to the Diversity Dinner, that received the Germany’s Federal Development Minister, Gerd Müller. 

The event engaged the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK), NGOs and German-Brazilian companies in group discussions concerning diversity in the corporate environment and social commitment. 

To pay tribute to the Minister, the Chamber made an International Tree Registry for the Samaúma, a symbol tree of the Amazon Rainforest. Native of the Amazon biome, it can reach from 40 to 50 m in height. The young tree is currently about 20 m high and will be permanently protected.

Project Ecomapuá preserves nearly 90.000 hectares of the Amazon biome on Marajó Island, at the mouth of the Amazon River. As a result of the project, commercial wood extraction – which has been a major cause of deforestation in the region – was banned in the project area. In addition to conserving the rich biodiversity of the Amazon, the project aims to promote alternative sources of income for local communities and thus contribute to the sustainable development of the region.