New Batch of Premium Carbon Credits Just Out of the Oven

The project Gomes de Mattos has just verified 126kt of premium carbon credits from very recent vintages: 2014, 2015 and 2016. This is a top renewable biomass project with robust socio-environmental co-benefits.

Below you can check some of the highlights:

  • Provision of Health and Educational Services to the Community: the project carries out periodic events in which several services and activities are provided to the community at no cost, such as doctor and dentist appointments, hairdressing workshops (capacity building), issuance of identification document, personal hygiene orientation, recreational activities, nursing care, workshops on recycling and distribution of native seedlings.
  • Protection of Endangered Species: the ceramic also carries out a program to protect endangered species, focused on a region’s endemic bird called Soldadinho do Araípe.
  • Support to a Geopark: in order to conserve territories of ecological, biological, geological and paleontological value
  • Support to a Recycling Cooperative: by purchasing their wood residues and providing recyclables of good selling value.
  • Soccer Training: the ceramic maintains a soccer field and provides soccer training to the employees and community
  • Library for Employees: a library for employees use has been implemented inside the ceramic.


Please visit the project webpage and Markit’s project page for further information.