Prize: ceramics receive recognition for environmental performance and water reuse

Cerâmica e Agropecuária Asunção (Ceagra) received, for the fourth consecutive year, the Environmental Performance award from the Federation of Industries of Ceará (FIEC), in addition to be declared winner in the Reuse of Water category. The award was presented at Sesi da Barra do Ceará, on September 2016.

cerámicaThe award values ​​and recognizes companies that are committed to the environment, through initiatives that minimize the environmental impacts of human activities. Marcelo Tavares, president of Sindicerâmica /State of Ceará and also Marketing Director of the winning group, hopes that recognition will encourage other companies to invest in social and environmental initiatives.


The example of Ceagra reflects the importance of the work Tavares Group has been carrying out in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and discouraging deforestation by fuel switch from native wood to diverse renewable biomass. They have additional environmental friendly initiatives, such as the reuse of industrial waters from AMBEV. All of these initiatives are brought about with the support of Sustainable Carbon: fuel switch and co-benefits reverted to the local communities and surrounding environment.

Sustainable Carbon is proud of this partnership and congratulates the winner ceramics.

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