London to have climate similar to Barcelona by 2050

London will have, in three decades, a similar climate to that of Barcelona today, while Madrid will feel like present-day Marrakech, and Stockholm like Budapest, according to a reasearch about the impact of climate change. Besides the high temperatures, the change would be accompanied by severe drought. 

Cities closer to the temperate and cold zones in the norht hemisphere will have climate ismilar to those that are 1000km closer to the Equator,  with damaging effects on health and infrastructure. 

Water shortages will also damage the region, with severe drought similar to the one Barcelona had 10 years ago,  interspersed with intense rainstorm. 

Concern about the world’s lack of preparedness for the effects of global heating is mounting among experts. Mami Mizutori, the UN secretary general’s special representative on disaster risk reduction, says that climate crisis disasters were happening at the rate of one a week, but that countries were not investing in making urban infrastructure more resistant.