COP 26 Private Finance Agenda Launched

Today, the COP 26 agenda has been launched to help private finance support the whole economy transition to net zero. The objective is that every professional financial decision will need to take climate change into account. The right framework for reporting, risk management and returns will embed these considerations and help finance a whole economy transition. To achieve net zero, every company, bank, insurer and investor will need to adjust their business models for a low carbon world.

2020 must be a year of climate action, making COP 26 – co-hosted by the UK and Italy – a critical opportunity to help put emissions on a trajectory towards a net zero economy, consistent with the Paris Agreement. Recognising that net zero is both an imperative of climate physics and, in the UK and 120 other countries, the law of the land, financial markets are increasingly demanding clear disclosure and active management of climate opportunities and risks. Private finance is uniquely placed to help support the transition required by amplifing changes in attitudes, consumer preferences and climate policy. Markets can pull forward adjustments from the future, minimising costs and smoothing the adaptation.

Speaking at the launch event, COP 26 President and Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma said: “This is a pivotal year for the planet as we raise our ambition on emissions reductions and build an economy resilient to climate change. But this is not just about the work of individual governments. We are calling on action from everyone – businesses, civil society and each part of the global financial system to meet the Paris Agreement goals. COP26 is also a critical moment to enhance support for developing countries. We are determined to work together to deliver a prosperous, zero carbon future for all.”