Tocantins Government sanctions Law establishing the State Day of Mobilization Against Global Warming

The Governor of the State, Mauro Carlesse sanctioned this Thursday, 19, Law No. 3,599 establishing September 16th as the State Day of Mobilization against Global Warming. From now on the date becomes part of the State Cultural Calendar.

The creation of this date aims to spread knowledge about Global Warming, stimulate debate about environmental problems, encourage environmental conservation actions and promote education and environmental awareness.

Environment Secretary Renato Jayme stresses that “this day will be symbolic for people to understand more about the subject, but awareness raising on this subject will be handled by the State Government and the Environment Secretariat throughout the year.”

Climate Change is one of the axes of the Patria Amada Mirim (PAM) program, which will also address the themes: Citizenship and Environment, Nature and Society, Environment and Health, Watersheds, Environmental Activism and Biodiversity of the Cerrado. The themes will be addressed conceptually and practically in the development of the Program.