Germany introduces new climate law project

Germany may have just started the process to become sustainable.

Thhat’s the dream of the current German minister of the environment, Svenja Schulze. The minister is currently fightimg so that by 2050 her country has reduced its emissions by “at least” 95%. She also wants to remove emissions that are already in excess in the atmosphere.

All this was revealed by Clean Energy Wire that had access to the proposal of the Law of Climatic Action. The law, in addition to increasing the country’s emissions reduction target, will also create the requirement that by 2050 Germany become a neutral country in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

The project is surrounded by uncertainty, once it has been analyzed and strongly criticized by members of the party of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She also said in 2017 that the country needed to reach an exact goal of reduction as long as the current congress was in power.

On the other hand, the European Union has a general reduction target of 80-95% (Germany’s current target). However the block is pulling its members to increase their targets to 100%.

The bill will certainly be a controversial subject in the German government in the coming months.