General Strike For Climate: Young people take to the streets calling for urgent action

Young people around the world, inspired by the Fridays For Future movement and Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, awaited Friday’s arrival to take to the streets in a Global Climate Strike. There were 142 confirmed countries and in Brazil at least 38 cities and 20 states participated in the protest that wants to draw the attention of the rulers to make urgent decisions regarding the climate collapse.

The Global Climate Strike represents the largest general strike by young people who are fighting for their future. This Friday (20) promises to be the largest so far and is expected and will have the participation of various segments of society.

The event that began in solitude through 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who sat on a Friday, late summer, sitting in front of the Swedish Parliament with a card reading skolstrejk för klimatet! (school strike for climate!) handing out leaflets with data on global warming.

Greta’s attitude soon caught the attention of the world, becoming the inspiration of the Fridays For Future movement. In Brazil, the strike occurs almost every Friday in some cities. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, since March 15, the date of the first global climate strike, (still few) young people went twice to protest in front of the Legislative Assembly (Alerj).