France in the fight against global warming

When it comes to climate change, the French do not play on the job.

A group of experts recently published the first version of a European financial agreement, which is supposed to be about mobilizing trillions of euros in the fight against global warming.

In February, during the launch of the newly created “Pacte Finance Climat”, French economist Pierre Larrouturou called on European state officials to mobilize funding for the pact.

The agreement itself provides new tools to not only reduce climate change, but also to reduce social inequalities. It would basically be a “green” subsidiary of the European Investment Bank, providing loans to member countries and a monetary fund that would distribute concessions across Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean.

The call for pact has won the support of more than 600 politicians in 12 different countries. In addition, 72% of the French population who heard about the proposal declared themselves in favor of the pact.

The agreement, to be approved, must go through the process of implementation of the European Union.

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