Finland calls for ban on coal use

1 year can make a lot of difference.

Finland has just taken one more step to fight against climate change. Surely it will displease any member of the coal industry, as the country has just cut its date of banning fossil fuel in 1 year.

The ban, previously allocated for 2030, will come into effect on 1 May 2029. The impact of this decision will not be very marked for the country (coal accounts for only 8% of the Nordic nation’s energy production), however it may end up serving as a model for others.

The decision was approved in a vote that occurred after the disclosure of the previous eradication plan (which had the date in 2030) by the minister of the environment, Kimmo Tiilikainen.

It is also worth noting that the vote went hand in hand with the presentation of a study for the Finnish government, which states that the country can become completely carbon neutral by the middle of 2030.