Global warming is the biggest in 2000 years

The current global warming surpasses, in velocity and extension, any climate event registered in the last 2000 years.

In an article published on Nature magazine, researchers confirm that not even the “Small Ice Age” – a significant global cooling between 1300 and 1850 – compares to what is happening right now.  

According to the study, the current warming hits the entire planet – not like the others that had happened before. The “Hot Medieval Period”, for exemple, reached 40% of the surface. 

These facts can demonstrate that the anthropogenic global warming is not only unmatched in terms of temperature, but also without precedent.  

Those that are skeptic about the global warming can find evidence that is happening, as the research also concluded that before the modern industrial revolution, the biggest climate influence were volcanoes, and no variation on the Sun’s radiation impacted the average global temperatures.