Emissions Management

We provide consultancy for companies seeking solutions in sustainability and interested in joining the green economy. Our portfolio includes the development of emission inventories.

Carbon credit

We provide carbon credits originated by projects that contribute not only to tackle climate change, but deliver outstanding cobenefits proved to bring long-lasting impacts to communities and environment.

WEBCO2 Plataform

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Worried about climate change?

Use the webco2 plataform to calculate and compensate your carbon emissions.

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Stefano Merlin

CEO of Sustainable Carbon

“In the last few years, we have created a solid portfolio of high quality carbon offset projects to meet the demands of our clients. Today, we can provide solutions and premium carbon credits to national and international companies demanding innovative sustainability solutions.”

Keyvan Macedo

Sustainability Manager at Natura Cosméticos

“Natura’s Carbon Neutral Program has been a national benchmark in terms of a voluntary compensation program since 2007. Over the past 10 years, Sustainable Carbon has been a partner in several projects, providing over 1 million tCO2 to Natura.”

Linda Murasawa

Santander Bank

“The Reduce and Offset CO2 Project is an evolution of how Santander approaches such matter with its customers, employees and society. Sustainable Carbon has been a great partner in this process.” Picture: Sérgio Zacchi.

Simon Köppen

Head of Carbon Offset Services na ClimatePartner

“We have known and supported Sustainable Carbon projects for 5 years, including visits on site. This enabled us to verify the high quality of the projects, and the relevant impacts they have on climate, environment and community.
For this reason Climate Partner have decided to develop one of its projects together on the long-term, with its first issuance in 2017.”

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