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Sustainable Carbon is the leading developer of high quality emission reduction projects and greenhouse gas management solutions in Latin America. Our depth and breadth of knowledge that we have in greenhouse gas management and sustainable development has served helped tens of organizations become more competitive and incorporated in today's dynamic economy.

Apart from our intimate knowledge of climate change issues, we further distinguish ourselves by solving problems holistically. In terms of project development, that means that we focus on more than just emission reductions - we are equally concerned with bringing substantial social, environmental and economic benefits to the communities where we implement our projects. In terms of greenhouse gas management, we only propose solutions that are sustainable in both socio-environmental and financial terms.

If you are interested in offsetting with us, we invite you to look at our portfolio under our Projects section. If your company needs help in navigating the complexities of greenhouse gas management, take a look at our Services section to find out if our expertise matches your needs.

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Featured Project

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
Project Biome: Caatinga
Project Type: Fuel Switching
Over the past three years, we have co-developed over 33 projects with small and medium-sized business owners to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and bring social, extra-environmental and economic benefits to their businesses and communities... View our projects

Recent News

Monday, September 03, 2012
São Miguel do Guamá on the Frontlines of Climate Change
Sustainable Carbon’s partner, EcoAct, a French environmental consultancy firm and leading retailer of carbon offsets, set off for São Miguel do Guamá, a small city in the state of Pará, Brazil to film how our projects there contribute to sustainable development.

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